4 Ways to Get the Right Wound Care Supplies

4 Ways to Get the Right Wound Care Supplies from Helios a Tampa Bay, Florida Medical Supply Store

Wound care is a diligent process. You have to be aware of so many things when treating a wound:

  • Wound care dressings and equipment include a variety of bandage types and sizes, gauze, tape and medical scissors, as well as any salves or ointments (if prescribed).
  • You have to be on constant alert for infections.
  • Comfort and mobility are priorities, too.
  • You need the wound to stay dry and protected while it heals.
  • You need to change bandages frequently…
  • …but you don’t want to change wound dressings so often that you hinder the healing process.

For these reasons, a wound can be a daunting medical issue. A new wound can be scary, especially if you’ve never treated one before. Chronic wound care can be exhausting for patient and caregivers alike.

That’s why it’s vital to get the proper wound care equipment, and to have a plentiful supply of what you need for when you need it.

Here are six ways to get the right wound care supplies.


1.) Start Small

No need to buy everything at once. Figure out what you need for a few days, and buy only that amount.

After all, wounds can change a lot, especially early on. And while a wound diagnosis can be overwhelming, trust yourself to settle into a routine.

2. Take Time to Get It Right

 Another reason to start small: You don’t want to purchase a large amount of wound care supplies that ultimately aren’t right for you or your wound. Explore your options.

While following your physician’s or wound care nurse’s instructions, you might have leeway to discover what equipment works best for you. Some personal preferences to consider:

  • The dressing is comfortable.
  • The dressing stays on your wound while allowing you to move through your day-to-day activities.
  • The dressing is easy to change.

3.) Shop Local for Wound Care Supplies and Equipment

Shopping local is a great way to adhere to rules No. 1 and No. 2. A local brick-and-mortar medical equipment store like Tampa’s Helios allows you to:

  • Explore your options up close.
  • Shop in small quantities.
  • Find equipment when you need it, rather than waiting for delivery.

A local medical supplier right here in Tampa Bay also gives you an easy option for rule No. 4, which is…

4.) Ask for Clarity and Advice

 Ask away! Like we said at the top, wound care involves a lot of daunting responsibilities. And these responsibilities often have to be performed at home and without guidance! Medical experts want you to have the confidence to get it right.

On top of that, you need reassurance. There’s no need to stress about wound care alone when there are so many people out there who are there to answer your questions, to support you, and to root for you to be well! Don’t let a wound diagnosis isolate you.

And for Tampa Bay-area wound care patients and caregivers, Helios is here for you. Our experts are always here in our Dale Mabry store, on our website and email, and on our phone lines (813-373-5443).

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