Aids for Daily Living (ADL)

Aids for Daily Living (ADL)

When you have a new medical condition, you quickly realize that tasks you previously performed without even thinking about them can become incredible roadblocks in your day.

Medical conditions can be hindrances in so many parts of your day—but they don’t need to be!

The medical industry now produces a whole selection of aids for daily living (ADL) that can be easily incorporated into your lifestyle. You can move around easier, retrieve objects, write notes, bathe, organize your medication, and perform so many other vital tasks you may have been struggling with.

Whether you’re in Bradenton, Sarasota, or the greater Tampa Bay region, Helios has the ADL supplies to increase your independence and better your lifestyle.


Mobility is one of the most important issues when it comes to maintaining your health, your independence, and your preferred lifestyle.

When it comes to ADL products, your mobility options range from gait belts (so that a nurse or family member can help keep you stable as you walk), to a number of ingenious self-transfer options, which assist you in getting up or down from chairs, beds, and even car seats.

Self-transfer ADL products include built-in stability poles and grab bars, handles and straps, transfer-assist boards, and even electronic power lifts to help you stand up.


Today’s ADL reachers come in a number of designs and lengths, with enough gripping power to lift a variety of objects. Whether you need help picking items up off the floor, on the other side of a table, or down from shelves, a reacher puts so many things you need closer at hand.

Reading, Writing, and Eating

Fine motor skills and vision are often affected by medical issues. This means it can be harder to read—whether recreationally or for necessary tasks like medical instructions and recipes—and harder to write and handle silverware.

Fortunately, there’s a whole selection of ADL options to make these fine-motor tasks doable: from stands and magnifying glasses for reading, to large-handled pens and typing aids for writing, to specialized silverware, tableware and dining accessories.

And More

There are so many other seemingly simple tasks throughout your day that can be made difficult by your medical condition. Don’t let them limit your lifestyle.

The moment you realize you’re struggling is the moment to take action. Contact Helios to discover the full potential of today’s ADL products.

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