Canes and Mobility

You don’t have to sacrifice mobility just because of your medical condition. Today’s mobility products serve people with all sorts of mobility issues.

Whether you need occasional assistance, consistent stabilization, or wheels, Helios has mobility solutions for everyone in southwest Florida.


Canes provide occasional, one-sided support for people with minor balance issues. Today’s canes are both lightweight and strong, with a variety of options for non-slip tips.

Canes provide some support while also helping to bolster your sense of balance.

Quad canes, which have a broad, four-tipped base, can provide additional support for moderate balance issues.


Crutches supply bilateral support when one leg is partially or fully incapacitated.

Far from the uncomfortable devices from decades ago that were stabilized in the armpit, today you have a number of crutch options that allow you to support yourself with your hands or forearms. Many of these crutches allow freer use of your hands, which makes a big difference in your independence.

Knee Scooters

When one foot and/or lower leg is incapacitated, a knee scooter allows you to walk with one leg while resting the other on the wheeled device. Handlebars (and brakes) help you safely negotiate a variety of environments.

For people who struggle with the upper-body demands of canes or crutches, knee scooters have been revolutionary. They allow people to cover longer distances and stay upright longer than was previously comfortable or possible.


Walkers allow users to support themselves with both hands while walking, and to remove one or both hands while standing in order to pick up items or perform other simple tasks.

Walkers may have four tipped points, a combination of two fixed tips and two wheels, or four wheels (with hand brakes).

Walkers can be invaluable tools for physical therapy and recovery, or for prolonging independence for those with permanent mobility concerns.

Fixed-tip walkers allow users to work one step at a time, standing still and checking balance between each step. Four-wheeled walkers allow users to walk with a healthy, consistent gate while maintaining safe support as needed.

We understand a number of people in Sarasota and Bradenton face mobility issues. Helios is here to help you find the solution that works best for your body and your lifestyle.

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