Compression Solutions

Compression Solutions

Helios offers the largest, most comprehensive compression inventory in Sarasota-Manatee and the greater Tampa Bay area.

Compression is used for a variety of medical reasons. Compression helps to control swelling and fluid accumulation in the extremities. Swelling might be caused by acute injuries like broken bones or torn ligaments; by conditions like diabetes or lymphedema; or simply by exercise or overuse due to athletic activity.

Compression is a common tool that provides tremendous benefits for everyone from athletes to cancer patients.

Swelling Risks

Swelling can inhibit the body’s ability to recover and even cause long-term problems. Extreme and painful swelling is called edema, which occurs when the lymphatic system is overwhelmed by fluid.

If left untreated, swelling can become chronic, leaving tissue vulnerable to further injury. Chronic swelling can even cause painful skin issues.

Along with massage and other treatment plans, compression can be invaluable in managing a number of conditions.

Compression Options

Helios has products for medical compression, therapeutic compression, lymphedema management, and athletic compression. We also carry equipment to assist in application of compression products.

Compression options include knee-high or thigh-high stockings, with closed- or open-toe options. For the upper body, we carry a selection of compression sleeves and gloves.

Order Online or In Person

If you already know your compression needs, you can order online from this website.

However, it’s extremely important that your compression garments fit properly. If compression garments are too loose, they won’t be effective. But if they’re too tight, they can cause serious circulation issues.

Moreover, properly fitted compression garments can be easily and naturally incorporated into your lifestyle, your clothing, and your preferred activities.

When you come to our Helios store, we don’t just sell you compression garments off the rack.  We measure, fit, and educate you on the use and care of your product. We make sure you’ve got exactly what you need before you leave the store. And we’re always here if you have further needs or questions. As part of a comprehensive treatment program, compression can make a huge difference in quality of life. Contact Helios today to get started on managing your compression needs.

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