Hillsborough Single-Use Medical Supplies

Hillsborough Single-Use Medical Supplies

It’s one thing to use an unknown medical equipment supplier for a one-time-only purchase. But when you need new single-use home medical supplies on a monthly or even weekly basis? Go with a store you know will have what you need—today, tomorrow and next year.

Helios is your trusted Tampa supplier for home care, extended care, wound care, and rehabilitation medical supplies. And that includes incontinence supplies, wipes, dressings, ointments, washes, and yes, a selection of vinyl gloves.

Helios has had its store front on North Dale Mabry Highway since 2019. We’re a part of this community, and we’re always eager to serve our southwest Florida neighbors.

Tampa Home Wound Care Supplies

Without personal experience or medical training, many people don’t understand the life-or-death nature of wound care. But if you’ve dealt with wounds, then you know the utmost importance of promoting healing while preventing infection.

That’s why single-use supplies are absolutely vital when treating wounds, especially outside of a hospital environment. People without proper wound care supplies will go too long without changing their dressings, and won’t be able to treat the wound properly when they do.

Helios offers an ample supply of gauzes, dressings, tapes, bandages, and packing strips that absorb and protect a wound while giving it an environment in which it can heal.

Helios also carries iodine, saline, peroxide and sterile water for flushing wounds during dressing changes, as well as antibacterial ointments (if indicated by your wound-care specialist).

Tampa Versatile Wearable Incontinence Garments and Pads

Likewise, incontinence is a widespread condition with an unfortunate stigma. And maintaining absorbency is as much about self-respect as it is personal health and hygiene.

Still, shopping for incontinence at big-box stores can be demoralizing, especially with their limited selection. As a medical equipment supplier, Helios offers incontinence products preferred by medical professionals and their patients. And because every body is different, we have a range of products to suit individual situations.

Our incontinence supplies include gender-specific underwears with multiple levels of absorbency, as well as liners and underpads. Our Tampa incontinence solutions allow our clients to move around during the day and sleep securely at night.

We also have skin repair products, including ointments and creams, to minimize skin breakdown. If you feel uncertain shopping in-person for incontinence supplies, just give us a call or email, and our friendly professionals will help put you at ease.

You should not ever have to wait for your single-use medical supplies. That’s why we take such pride in being a local medical supply company that you can trust. We look forward to seeing you whenever you need us.

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