Lift Chairs Benefit Many Conditions

Lift Chairs Benefit Many Conditions by Helios Medical Supplies of Tampa

You probably associate lift chairs with age-related mobility issues. And with good reason! These electronic recliners provide invaluable aid and independence to people who otherwise cannot stand up or sit down without assistance. These difficulties can stem from strength or balance limitations, pain, nerve damage, limited flexibility, or any of a number of other issues common to Tampa seniors.

Lift chairs are recliner-like chairs with electronic motors, operated by the push of the button, that can elevate or lower the chair while a person sits in it. Today’s lift chairs actually recreate a healthy standing and seating movement, in order to aid the patient in a natural range of motion.

And while lift chairs allow many seniors to stand up and sit down on their own—a vital aspect of independence and mental welfare—the benefits of these at-home medical aids aren’t limited to older adults.

Here are some of the ways lift chairs benefit many conditions, for Tampa residents of all ages.

Ergonomic and Musculoskeletal Comfort for Joint, Back and Nerve Pain

How we position ourselves throughout the day can affect our joints, back, nerves and muscles. As specially engineered medical equipment, lift chairs provide improved seating positioning. Additionally infinite-position lift chairs provide the opportunity to adjust your positions to best suit what’s needed in the moment.

Proper seated positioning relieves pressure points and can reduce joint compression—especially in your back.

Proper ergonomics benefit everyone, regardless of medical conditions.

Upright Sleeping Position

Many conditions benefit from sleeping upright. Certain lung conditions, as well as acid reflux, can be aggravated by sleeping horizontally. In some cases, it can even be dangerous to sleep in a flat bed.

A lift chair provides the option to sleep comfortably upright, again with medically engineered design and adjustability.

Pregnancy Support

Pregnancy can hamper your mobility while draining your energy, too. It also can make it hard to get comfortable while sitting and interfere with your sleep. On top of that, pregnancy can trigger acid reflux, which is exacerbated by lying flat.

Lift chairs can provide relief for all of these pregnancy conditions.

Remember: You don’t need to purchase a lift chair if your condition is temporary. Helios offers Tampa lift chairs for rent, too.

Overall Mood and Affect

Ultimately, all of these at-home benefits lead to improvement in your overall mood and affect—no matter what your medical condition.

The ability to be in your own home, and to go about your day without requiring another person to help you get up whenever you want, is a fundamental human need. When a medical aid can help fulfil that need, your mental wellbeing benefits as much as your physical.

The Benefits of Lift Chairs for Everyone

We want people in Tampa to age in place as much as possible. If you’re a Tampa senior who’s noticed struggles in standing up or sitting down in your home, a lift chair from Helios is almost certainly for you.

But anyone else who either struggles with standing up or simply experiences pain and stiffness related to sitting can benefit from a lift chair, too.

Whether you have come to need a lift chair through natural aging, or you have a permanent or temporary medical condition that affects how you sit and stand, Helios provides a full selection of lift chairs in Tampa for purchase or rental.

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