Lymphedema, Lipedema, Venous Insufficiency Compression Garment Solutions

Lymphedema, Lipedema, Venous Insufficiency Compression Garment Solutions by Helios of Tampa Bay, Florida

So you’re facing a severe and/or chronic illness from your home right here in Tampa. You’ve got a lot on your plate. Pain, discomfort and swelling in your arms and legs are just one more thing you have to deal with.

Worse still, some uneducated people will dismiss these conditions as “merely cosmetic.”

But conditions like lymphedema, lipedema and venous insufficiency aren’t minor. And they can’t (and shouldn’t) just be dismissed or ignored.

Not only are these conditions a source of disabling discomfort and pain, but leaving them untreated can create even more serious health issues. (And on top of that, cosmetic conditions alone are a legitimate concern for your physical and emotional wellbeing.)

Fortunately, while you must take lymphedema and other causes of swelling seriously, there are also simple, highly effective, medical product solutions on the market. All of these condition can be effectively treated with compression garments.

And these medical compression garments for swelling in your extremities are available to see, try on, shop and purchase today from the Helios storefront on Dale Mabry, and with the guidance of our own Tampa medical supply experts.

Why is Swelling Bad?

Skin, muscles and other tissue swells to adapt to changing fluid volumes and protect itself from breaking. Unfortunately, in some cases swelling also allows this fluid to pool in ways that can be harmful to your health.

And swelling can compound itself. Poor circulation can cause swelling that in turn causes more swelling because your circulatory system can’t flush the accumulating fluids. Swelling can also restrict movement, which then disengages circulation, causing more fluid to pool.

What Are Lymphedema, Lipedema and Venous Insufficiency?

While usually unrelated, lymphedema, lipedema and venous insufficiency are all conditions that cause swelling, circulatory issues, pain and discomfort, and even wounds and other health issues.

Lymphedema occurs when your lymph nodes—your body’s waste-management system—become clogged and can’t empty their liquid and waste (lymph fluid). Cancer and cancer treatments are common causes of lymphedema, but it can be due to any damage to the lymphatic system.

Lipedema is an unusual accumulation of fat in your extremities. Causes of lipedema aren’t always known, but it can be related to genetics and/or hormones.

Venous insufficiency is a general term for poor circulation in your veins, the blood vessels that carry blood back to your heart; malfunctioning vein valves can allow blood to pool in your extremities rather than moving on. Malfunctioning valves in your veins can be caused by varicose veins, deep-vein thrombosis (blood clot), or other damage.

These different conditions create pressure and stress on your extremities’ circulation, muscles, and skin, making your arms and legs painful and hard to move. Additionally, this combination of reduced movement, poor circulation, and swollen limbs can stress the skin to the point of breaking—creating wounds that are even harder to heal when circulation is compromised.

And while they all have different causes, lymphedema, lipedema and chronic venous insufficiency are all commonly treated with over-the-counter compression garments.

What Do Compression Garments Do?

Compression garments restrict your tissue’s ability to swell, forcing blood and other fluids to keep moving through your extremities rather than pooling there.

How Can Tampa Compression Garments Can Work for You?

Like clothing and anything else you wear, compression garments can be hard to fit properly. Even in the healthiest conditions, our bodies are all different shapes and sizes.

The simplicity of the compression garment technology means a prevalence of options on the market. There will be a compression garment that works for you. The only problem is finding it.

Helios’ Tampa medical supply storefront allows you to see, feel and even try on a wide variety of compression garments before you purchase them. Our medical equipment experts are there to guide you to the right product, and right fit, for you.

Already know what compression garments work for you? You can also order from Helios online and have your compression garments delivered to your Tampa residence.

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