Medical Equipment Repairs

Medical Equipment Repairs in South Tampa, St. Pete, and Hillsborough County

We get it: Medical equipment is a massive investment. And it’s also necessary and life-changing.

So when the equipment you’ve invested so much money in breaks down, it’s not just a financial problem. It is an immediate and even dangerous hinderance to your lifestyle.

At Helios, we’re dedicated to making sure that people in the southwest Florida area have the medical equipment they need to live healthy, happy lives. That mission means maintaining a full inventory of medical equipment that’s accessible at our storefront, through our warehouse, and even via delivery as well as rentals.

The Helios mission also means offering the expertise and efficiency needed to repair your existing equipment when it breaks.

Breakdowns Put Lives on Hold

Mobility is a huge part of a healthy independent lifestyle. That’s why mobility-oriented medical equipment is such a huge part of what we do.

From walkers and rollators to wheelchairs and motorized scooters, we understand that mobility assistance is vital to our clientele. Even simple problems become complicated predicaments when they hinder your ability to get around.

When mobility equipment is suddenly impeded by a broken part or a dead battery, we understand that that breakdown puts your life on hold. A repair is needed ASAP. Helios is on the clock.

Repair Options

At Helios, we perform basic repairs on most home medical equipment. Our most common repairs involve mobility equipment.

Many of the most vital pieces of medical equipment rely on batteries. Battery-powered items, by their nature, will need regular attention. At Helios, we frequently handle battery replacements for patient lifts, powered wheelchairs and scooters. While your equipment may currently be functioning at full power, we hope you’ll keep our number at hand so that we can aid you with a timely battery replacement when you next need it.

Other common repairs we handle at Helios include brake repairs for rollators as well as wheel replacements for all sorts wheelchairs and mobility aids.

Additionally, we understand how difficult it can be to negotiate medical situations—physically, financially, and emotionally. As established professionals in the medical equipment industry, we work hard to take the burden off of our clients. Our goal is to get you back to an healthy, independent lifestyle as soon as possible, with as little stress as possible.

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