Medical Supply Services for Caregivers, Nurses, and Healthcare Professionals

Medical Supply Services for Caregivers, Nurses, and Healthcare Professionals

November is National Caregiving Month, but we all know caregiving is a year-round and round-the-clock way of life. We firmly believe in celebrating our Tampa caregivers and the work they do to contribute to our community. We also acknowledge just how difficult a job it is.

Whether you’re caring for a loved one, a neighbor or a temporary ward, your focus is always on the individual. That can make acquiring—much less shopping for—adequate medical supplies a daunting task.

And that’s why Helios is right here in the Tampa Bay community, assisting our incredible caregivers with whatever they need in their day-to-day lives and responsibilities.

Helios Helps You Where You Need Help

Every caregiving relationship looks different. You might be helping someone who’s bedridden and needs assistance with eating and using the restroom. Or you might be there to guide someone through their day, helping with doctor’s appointments, shopping trips and much-needed changes of scenery.

Either way, your time is largely occupied. But no matter where or when you have time to explore your medical supply options, Helios has options for you.

In-Person Storefront: Our flagship medical supply store on Dale Mabry Highway (in Tampa’s Carrollwood area, near Fletcher Avenue) gives caregivers the many advantages of in-person supply shopping.

  • Immediate purchases to give you what you need, right now.
  • The ability to see, feel and compare products before buying.
  • Helios medical supply experts who can help walk you through decisions, provide information on suppliers and other products, and even order alternative supplies as needed.

Telephone Orders and Consultation: Because we’re staffed by real people, right here in Tampa, there’s someone to answer the phone when you need immediate assistance and can’t leave your location.

  • A human to guide you through our current available supplies, online orders, or even navigating paperwork.

Online Orders at Our Tampa-based store and stockroom facilitates online ordering, too, to accommodate caregivers with time and/or mobility constraints, or who just want to order what they need and get on with their other tasks.

Tampa-Based Medical Supplies with Tampa Caregivers in Mind

We know our community. We’re familiar not only with the nuanced and widely varying needs of an aging population, but also with the array of world-class medical care and procedures being provided here. We serve human beings who want to remain active and independent and make the most of our beautiful southwest Florida region.

We are prepared not only for a wide range of conditions and ailments, but for the wide range of products that exist to treat specific ailments—especially circulatory issues, mobility issues, incontinence and Aids for Daily Living.

Our medical supply store can not only offer you a selection of products to make your life easier; our expert staff can help you decipher exactly what you and your loved ones need, how it works, and how it should fit and feel.

In short, we want to wish all of our Tampa caregivers a peaceful and rewarding National Caregivers Month. And we want to say that Helios is grateful for all that you do, and we’re here for you, now and in the future.

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