New Lymphedema Compression Products

We have been working very hard to expand our inventory in order to be able to provide our area with the most comprehensive medical equipment. From face masks and gloves to home hospital beds and wheelchairs, we offer it all! We are proud to possess the largest and most extensive compression inventory in the Tampa Bay area. Varying from medical compression, therapeutic compression, athletic compression as well as lymphedema management. Our goal is not just to sell these products but to measure, fit, and educate on the proper use and care of your equipment.

Lymphedema Management

Compression garments play an important role in lymphedema management. That is why our mission is to be able to grow and expand our lymphatic compression stock in order to improve our solutions center for all your needs. It is vital to make sure you get the correct fit for your garment so we encourage you to come to the store to make sure you get measured properly and learn how to put on and take off the compression garment. 

New Lymphedema Compression Products

We now offer the Wear Ease Compression T-Shirt which is a women’s t-shirt designed to provide much better axilla containment than other compression bras and slim camisoles. We currently carry the ivory color in the store with white and black options available for drop-ship. Other Wear Ease products that are available for drop-ship include a women’s t-shirt with insertable pads as well as a men’s lymphedema compression t-shirt.

For those who need solutions for their legs, we now have two ready-to-wear pieces by Mediven Forte. This highly effective circular-knit elastic and inelastic garment collection is available on our shelves in 30-40 mmHg for both knee and thigh. If you need something stronger, we also have the 40-50 mmHg available as well as custom options that include free shipping.

We now also have L&R Exo-Strong in both knee and thigh selections available for drop-ship and we have samples of both choices in the store for you to touch and feel before purchasing. After multiple requests, we now also carry Jobst Farrow Wrap Strong products including the lower leg-piece (standard length), foot piece, underliner, and hybrid sock in all sizes. In other great news, all of the Jobst, Essity, and BSN products ship for free!

Contact Us

We are excited to be able to expand our inventory to better serve our community and are here to help you find what you are looking for. For those items that are not available in the store, you can purchase directly online and as always, please feel free to give us a call with any questions you might have. We look forward to assisting you!

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