Personal Tampa Medical Equipment Service

Personal Tampa Medical Equipment Service

“What amazing customer service!”

Shopping for medical supplies can add undue stress to an already stressful medical situation. No matter what your health circumstances—whether you’ve undergone surgery, an accident, a painful diagnosis, long-term cancer treatments, or are caring for a loved one—you want to find the medical equipment and supplies you need. And you want your concerns to be heard.

While we understand the major upsides of online medical ordering, Helios proudly maintains a physical medical supply storefront in Tampa, as well as dedicated Tampa medical professionals. We feel that this in-person service, in combination with our website options, is the best way to serve our Tampa Bay community.

Over the years, our reviews have validated this belief. While so many opportunistic cynical fly-by-night medical enterprises come and go, Helios remains dedicated to our Bay Area friends and neighbors in need of medical equipment, supplies and repairs, as well as guidance, sympathy and reassurance.

What does our Tampa-based, in-person medical supply store mean for you? Read some of our many five-star reviews to find out. We believe these statements exemplify the personal responsibility we take for our customers’ health, comfort and happiness.

“Staying late on a Friday night out of the kindness of their heart to assist me with a medical device I purchased that I couldn't set up correctly.”

One of the many advantages of dealing with so many different products is that we often know how they work and can easily make sure our customers can use them to their full potential.

“I recently lost a knob/screw to a leg on my four wheel walker. I searched on line and was unsuccessful in finding a replacement part. ... Shawn took initiative, called his supplier and said he could get the replacement part in a week.”

Same goes for medical equipment suppliers. We know this industry well and have a personal relationship with the suppliers as well as our customers. We are happy to be a go-between to make sure you get exactly the parts you need.

“[Helios’ Shawn] did everything within his power to ensure that I was satisfied, and stressed on more than one occasion how important it was for me to feel comfortable with our transaction. He considered all of my needs before making his recommendation, and even provided a loaner model until my chosen chair was available.”

There’s no point in selling a piece of equipment that doesn’t suit our customers. We take the time to find out exactly what you need before recommending the device that will work best for you.

“Broke my foot and they helped fit me with the right boot and even the transition from splint to boot! Made the process quick and easy!”

Even temporary medical conditions have great temporary aides! We want to see you out and about, even while you’re healing.

“All you need for medical supplies. We had no idea what would be involved in taking care of my husband's 95 year old father at home. The care that we have gotten from [Helios] is invaluable. If they don't stock something...they will order it. It is truly one stop shopping for all your in home care needs.”

Cheers, Tampa. We’re happy to help.

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