Medical Equipment and Supplies

We offer a large selection of medical equipment and supplies at our store. If you do not see pictures of what you are looking for, please contact us and we will assist you.If you are a physician, therapist, or facility that would like us to carry inventory on a specific product, please email us with further details.

Aids for Daily Living

As name suggests, ADLs are designed to assist with daily living. Products include: reachers & grabbers, sock aids, cup holders, door openers, key turner, shoe horns, button helpers, extended pole bath sponges. We have access to many more items. If you do not see your requested item on this list, please contact us.

Bath Safety Products

These products are designed to help prevent slip-and-fall accidents in the bathroom. We sell toilet seat risers for both standard and elongated toilets, as well as rails and seat cushions. For the shower, we carry multiple styles of shower seats, shower benches, and grab bars in several lengths.

Canes & Mobility

This product category includes canes, crutches, walkers, knee-walkers, and walkers with seats (rollators). We carry a large selection, including adjustable, foldable, and quad canes. Replacement tips, handles, and straps are kept in inventory. Crutches and repair kits are also available. In addition to selling several styles of walkers, we also provide repair services for your existing equipment.

Compression Products

Helios Medical Equipment possesses the largest and most comprehensive compression inventory in the Tampa Bay area. We have products for medical compression, therapeutic compression, lymphedema management, and athletic compression. We also carry equipment to assist in application of product. We measure, fit, and educate on use and care of your purchase. Garments can be purchased at the store or directly online:

Compression Socks and Medical Supplies

Cushions & Pillows

We carry specialty cushions for bucket seats, chairs, and wheelchairs to assist with back support, lumbar support, and coccyx support. Gel, memory foam, and full ring options are available. Pillows we stock include: bed wedges, knee separators, eclipse pillows, and butterfly pillows.

Home Medical Equipment

These are the products that most people associate with a medical equipment store: lift chairs, home hospital beds, trapeze, bed rails, commodes, and patient lifts. We offer both purchase and rental options (we are HME renting HME) on home medical equipment.

Incontinence Products

Products in this category include briefs, underwear, liners, underpads, and wipes. We offer three levels of absorbency in our briefs, including an overnight. Underwear is also available in multiple levels of absorbency, as well as gender-specific options. Available in packs with discounts given for order of complete cases. We carry Remedy skin repair products to help people with an increased risk of skin breakdown. Our vinyl gloves are available in four sizes


Scooters are available for purchase and rent. Accessories and replacement parts are available upon request. We constantly rotate our inventory and can special order your preferred model if we do not have it available at our store.


We offer a selection of standard, heavy duty, lightweight, and transport wheelchairs for purchase at our store. Weekly and monthly options are also available. We can repair most major brands of wheelchair. Powered wheelchairs are available upon request.

Wound Care Products

Wound Care is a more specialized category than most others, but we have you covered here as well. We offer a large selection of gauzes, tapes, waterproof dressings (elastic, foam, petroleum), packing strips, (anti-bacterial) ointments, washes, sterile water, saline, iodine, and peroxide. Our inventory is competitively priced against other local pharmacies. If you have a venous stasis ulcer, please come see us for specialized compression to help maintain long term health and recurrence of ulcer.

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