Tampa Bay Blood Glucose Monitors and Diabetes Supplies

Tampa Bay Blood Glucose Monitors and Diabetes Supplies - Helios Home Medical Equipment and Supplies

For people in the Tampa Bay area suffering from diabetes, Helios is here for you. We carry an extensive selection of compression garments, blood glucose monitors and diabetes supplies for you to choose from, whether you’re looking for an ongoing medical supplier or a one-time diabetic supply purchase.

Why a Local Tampa Medical Supply Store is Important for Diabetics

Type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes are chronic conditions that require daily monitoring and maintenance. This means that you always need reliable, comfortable diabetes medical supplies. And if you run out have a sudden need for new supplies, a local supplier provides immediate access that you simply cannot get online.

Our local medical supply store also provides a face-to-face shopping experience. We’re happy to help you with your diabetes supply shopping, whether you need specifications to compare certain products, additional options from our suppliers, or just reassurance from a friendly face.

An in-person diabetes shopping experience can be especially reassuring for people, including children, who’ve just received a diabetes diagnosis. We’re here to let you know that you’re not alone, and that we have the people and supplies to help you manage diabetes.

Tampa Blood Glucose Monitors and Blood Pressure Monitors

So much of living with diabetes involves simply monitoring your blood. Fortunately, blood monitoring technology has blossomed in recent years, and monitoring your blood glucose and blood pressure no longer needs to be a burden.

Helios offers a variety of blood glucose monitors to suit your lifestyle. We can also talk to you about what’s available and help you compare and contrast your options to help you deciede on the monitor that will work best for you.

Tampa Compression Garments for Diabetic Edema

Circulation issues are common for people with diabetes. “Edema” is a condition that results from the buildup of fluid, especially in the lower extremities. Edema can cause pain and limit mobility. Compression garments are a simple but highly effective solution.

At Helios, we were founded with a specialty in compression garments and circulation solutions in mind. Our vast selection of compression solutions will help keep you comfortable, healthy and active while managing your diabetes symptoms.

You can even browse our compression garments on our website and order online.

Tampa Diabetes Wound Prevention and Wound Care

In some circumstances, edema can result in wounds. Compression garments, shoe inserts and other simple medical supplies can help prevent or mitigate diabetes-related wounds.

When wounds and ulcers do happen for people with diabetes, Helios has supplies for wound-care management as well. Like diabetes itself, dealing with wounds requires diligence. It helps to have a local, compassionate Tampa resource for medical supplies.

Whether you’ve just received your diabetes diagnosis, you’ve been managing the condition for years, or you care for someone with diabetes, come to Helios for the supplies and guidance you need.

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