Tampa Bay Mobility Supplies: Medical Rentals

Tampa Bay Mobility Supplies: Medical Rentals

Not all medical issues are permanent. But whatever your injury or condition, you still need medical supplies to help you through.

Whether you live full-time in the Tampa Bay area, you’re only here part of the year, or you’re just visiting, you should have full mobility throughout our beautiful Tampa sights and destinations.

A temporary mobility issue does not mean staying inside until you’re fully healed. Helios has a selection of top-notch, easy-to-use Tampa Bay mobility solutions, available to rent, for a number of medical conditions.

Tampa Wheelchair Rentals

So you had an injury or surgery and you have to sit for a bit. That’s no reason you shouldn’t get out there and enjoy Tampa Bay. Especially this time of year, the Tampa weather isn’t just pleasant; it’s actually healing!

Many medical experiences can cause temporary bilateral mobility limitations, including injuries from car accidents or skiing, or surgeries like knee replacement

Tampa enjoys an amazing community to diagnose, treat and recuperate all kinds of mobility issues. In fact, Tampa is a medical destination—for providers as well as patients. And fortunately, because of our astonishing community, there are countless destinations—indoors and out—that can be enjoyed by wheelchair.

But a wheelchair is a huge investment. A wheelchair rental is what you need to get you out and about in Tampa again.

Tampa Knee Scooter Rentals

So you broke your ankle or finally had that much-needed foot surgery. You can’t put weight on one foot for a while. But crutches aren’t your only option!

Crutches are an imperfect mobility solution at best. They require upper-body strength and coordination; they continuously occupy your hands, preventing you from carrying much while you walk and even limiting your abilities while you stand still; and crutches can cause sore spots on your hands and torso.

And the many accessibility solutions at Tampa destinations can actually be harder to navigate on crutches. Ramps, hard shell paths, and even smooth tile floors are much easier (and safer) to travel on wheels than on crutches.

Never fear: Tampa knee scooter rentals are here!

When you have one working leg, knee scooters support your injured side while you move through your surroundings. When you’re standing still, a knee scooter continues to support you while leaving your hands free for other tasks.

Whether you’re cooking a meal in your waterfront condo, strolling Channelside or downtown St. Petersburg, or navigating an amazing Tampa boutique or gift shop, a knee scooter provides exceptional freedom.

And like all of the Tampa mobility solutions offered by Helios, you only have to rent it for as long as you need it!

Other medical solutions available to rent through Helios include commodes, Rollators, scooters that can support 300-plus pounds, and cold therapy kits.

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