Tampa Home Medical Lift Chairs, Commode Solutions

Tampa Home Medical Lift Chairs, Commode Solutions

Home medical equipment is designed to make everyday life easier, safer and more comfortable. Oftentimes, the most essential daily activities—like sitting and using the restroom—are the ones we need the most help with. When these activities become unstable or unsafe, our whole lives are disrupted.

This is why lift chairs and medical commodes can be essential home medical equipment.

Helios is Tampa’s home medical equipment destination, and these hefty mobility solutions are among our specialties. This equipment is often heavy and expensive because it has to be: The weight and strength of lift chairs and medical commodes are part of their essential safety features. They must support the weight of grown adults in need of aid.

If you’ve been scouring the Tampa home medical equipment market for lift chairs, hospital beds or home commode solutions, look no further. Helios medical supplies has what you need, and the expert staff to make sure it’s just right.

Tampa Medical Lift Chairs

Getting into and out of a seated position is an essential human act. It’s also one that requires strength and balance throughout the legs, core and (often) upper body.

When you suffer any kind of medical ailment, your ability to sit and stand back up again can be greatly affected or even taken away from you. When you can’t sit or stand safely by yourself, you lose independence and are at a much greater risk for further injury.

This is where lift chairs can save your independence. Tampa mobility patients take note: Helios lift chairs are available throughout southwest Florida. These comfortable, reliable medical supplies provide a padded, elevated seating area to help guide you safely into a sitting position.

Then, when it’s time to stand up, the chairs can slowly and easily lift a grown adult back to a standing position.

Tampa Medical Commode Solutions

Likewise, bathroom visits are essential parts of everyday living. But sitting down onto a commode and then standing back up requires strength and balance. Often, these motions require even more strength and balance than getting into and out of a regular chair. And bathrooms are riddled with hard surfaces.

In fact, hospitals and rehab centers use bathroom abilities as a major signifier of a patient’s independence.

Helios’s Tampa medical commode solutions provide patients in our area with essential bathroom independence. Whether it’s a bathroom railing, a lifted toilet seat, or bedside commodes, Helios commode solutions are here for you.

Tampa Home Medical Independence from Helios

When Tampa patients need help sitting and standing back up again, they turn to Helios.

Secure your home independence with Tampa’s home medical supply resource. Visit helioshme.com or call (813) 544-7076 to learn more about our home lift chairs, medical commodes, and other home medical solutions.

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