Tampa Incontinence Supplies: Garments, Pads, Bedpans, and Commodes

Tampa Incontinence Supplies Garments, Pads, Bedpans, and Commodes at Helios Medical Supplies in Tampa, Florida

The stigma surrounding incontinence is dangerous. As we’ve often discussed with regards to mobility aids and bathroom safety supplies, being able to use the restroom as needed is a matter of independence and emotional wellbeing. And restroom safety, accessibility, and sanitation are also critical to physical health.

When it comes to Tampa incontinence supplies, those issues are equally critical. Insufficient access to adequate and properly fitting garments and pads can limit people’s independence and seriously impact their quality of life. Likewise, bedpans and bedside commodes allow so many Tampa Bay seniors to maintain dignity and prevent issues related to bladder leaks and wet skin—from rashes and smells to bedsores and life-threatening infections.

Incontinence Garments

Despite the stigma attached to incontinence, the medical industry manufactures a wide range of highly effective, comfortable, and inconspicuous incontinence garments to be worn under the clothes and even overnight. These single-use garments prevent leaks and smells while keeping moisture away from the skin.

And at Helios Medical Supplies, we carry of range of types, styles, and sizes of the best Tampa incontinence garments. This selection allows you to purchase and experience a variety to find what’s right for you. Then you also know you have a ready supply of the incontinence garments you prefer always available for you right around the corner.

Incontinence Pads

For lighter bladder leaks or an added layer of protection in certain situations (ie long car rides and plane trips, events, or even trips to the movie theater), you may just prefer incontinence pads. These single-use pads can be worn inside your own underwear.

But “Incontinence pad” may also refer to a protective square of padding—usually around 2’ x 3’—that can be placed on a chair or mattress to protect furniture from leaks. These types of incontinence pads are available as single-use disposable items, or as reusable pads that can be washed multiple times.

Bedpans and Bedside Commodes

In some cases, leaky bladders aren’t the issue. Limited mobility and/or a rapid-onset “urge to go” simply means that a person needs a faster, more immediate bathroom solution. In these cases, bedpans and bedside commodes can be actual lifesavers.

Bedpans allow patients who are confined to a bed—whether in a facility or at home—a chance to go to the bathroom without soiling their linens.

Bedside commodes are toilet-shaped resources, although without attached plumbing, that include a sturdy frame and handrails. These commodes provide a sit-down toilet option right next to the bed in case of emergencies, mobility issues, or lack of safety rails in the bathroom itself.

For a full selection of Tampa commodes and bedpans, Helios’s brick-and-mortar medical supply store offers a reassuring, in-person option with professional attendance to help guide your search. When you need Tampa incontinence solutions right away, Helios is your best option.


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