Tampa Medical Supplies for the Holidays

Tampa Medical Supplies for the Holidays by Helios

Tampa Bay is not a place where we sit still for long. Medical ailments or no, we’re here because we’ve got this glorious weather year-round. And darn it, we’re going to get out there and appreciate it.

During the holidays, many of us are double active. Whether we’re shopping, hosting out-of-town guests, traveling ourselves or just spending more time outside as soon as the weather gets cooler, southwest Florida sees holiday hustle and bustle like nowhere else.

So what do you do if you or your out-of-town guests need medical supplies this holiday season? When mail-order deliveries are out of control, everything’s delayed, everyone’s busy, and people might be hundreds of miles away from their familiar supply system?

As a longstanding Tampa-based medical supply service with a brick-and-mortar store on Dale Mabry, Helios is happy to see our seasonal business as much as our regulars. We’re here with bells on, and we’re ready with the supplies you need.

Why Medical Supplies Are Hard to Get During the Holidays

 There are lots of reasons you might be running low on your medical equipment—especially single-use home medical supplies.

  • Websites are slow or broken due to a high volume of users.
  • Online deliveries are bogged down and delayed by holiday buying.
  • The supply chain continues to be backed up, sometimes for months.
  • An unfortunate surge in your needs might have coincided with the busy season.


Why Traveling Makes Medical Supplies So Much Harder

And if you’re travelling or hosting people from out of town this holiday season, these supply issues are even more complicated.

  • Changing your order details online is tricky—especially recurring orders and subscriptions.
  • You might already be paying for supplies that you’ll be unable to get to until you return home.
  • You’re not staying in one place for long enough to wait for a delivery.
  • Deliveries are further delayed or rerouted through management, landlords, new addresses, etc.
  • Something may have broken or worn out at a bad time, leaving you in need of a replacement.
  • Traveling with certain aids, like knee scooters or toilet lifts, is impossible, and you need something for your vacation spot.
  • New activities and environments can cause unexpected medical supply needs.


How to Get Medical Supplies in Tampa This Holiday Season

You might have noticed that a lot of the issues in finding medical supplies during Christmas are related to online ordering and getting supplies via websites.

And we love online ordering! We offer it ourselves! Getting your supplies online is an incredible convenience in our day and age—and it can even be a lifesaver for people who are isolated, immobile, or otherwise unable to shop in person.

But there’s a reason Helios maintains our full inventory of medical supplies at our Dale Mabry storefront, as well. Sometimes immediate, in-person convenience is a necessity.

If you’re in Tampa and you find yourself suddenly low on incontinence products or wound-care bandages, or you’re in sudden need of mobility aids or compression garments, a trip to Helios may be able to remedy your emergency as soon as you can get here.

Live Human Customer Service: In-Person or Over the Phone

Lastly, holiday hassle extends to customer service, too. When you need to talk to a real person, national supply chains and far-off websites are going to be frustrating.

As members of the Tampa Bay community, Helios owners and staff are not just present for your issues. We’re actively concerned about helping you out.

If you have questions about what medical items, brands, or sizes you need for however long you’re here, just ask! Rather than waiting for websites to load and decisions to be made and deliveries to arrive, Helios can take care of your holiday needs as quickly—and as kindly—as we can.

After all, isn’t that what the holiday season is all about?

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