Why Buy Medical Supplies Locally?

Why Buy Medical Supplies Locally?

“Shop local” is an important message for consumers these days. It’s a simple way to support fellow Tampa-area residents and business owners.

But when it comes to purchasing your medical supplies, “shop local” takes on a whole other level of importance.

Whether you’re a Tampa resident making a one-time, long-term investment in hospital-grade equipment like a patient lift or home hospital bed, or you need one-time-use supplies on a monthly or weekly basis, like OTC creams or ointments or incontinence underpants, a local, brick-and-mortar medical supplier and retailer can offer the kind of convenience and support that makes a life-changing difference.

The Dangers of Distant Suppliers

We’ve all done it: buy something from a giant, international website just because it’s cheap and fast and we don’t have to think too much about it. But beyond giving our money to a conglomerate with terrible ethics and business practices (there’s a whole Wikipedia page about that), shopping at a faceless website can have real negative consequences for patients and caregivers.

First off, ask yourself: What kinds of medical products am I getting from this website? You can sort through your search results until you find the medical supply brands you recognize, but who’s selling them? How long have they been sitting around, and where? And what happens if your medical equipment arrives mislabeled, mishandled, expired, or just plain doesn’t fit?

Sure, you can return it to Faceless Online Mega-Retailer, but what will you do for supplies in the meantime?

And why would a manufacturer sell their own products, even at steep discounts, through a giant like Amazon? Two words: warehouse purging. It’s just a way to get a few extra cents off old stock that would otherwise go straight to the landfill.

In other words, when you purchase from a generic online warehouse like Amazon—for the sake of “convenience” and price—you don’t know what you’re getting, and you have very frustrating, indirect recourse (at best) to resolve any issues.

Tampa Helios Medical Supply Retailer and Online Store

Helios, on the other hand, offers not just a top-notch retail medical supply selection, we have the ability to order wholesale directly from manufacturers to get you what you need. And we have real human beings behind the counter and on the phone.

We’re right here on North Dale Mabry Highway when you need us, and we make sure you go home with what you want and what you need, today, so you don’t have to go without the supplies you rely on.

We also know mobility and travel can be obstacles for some of our clients, which is why we offer our online store, fast delivery, and online customer service to ensure that we can be here for any Tampa-area resident who needs medical supplies or support.

Locally Dedicated to Tampa Patients, Families, and Caregivers

Helios is about building relationships with our Tampa Bay community. Getting the life-changing medical supplies you need to live—and to live comfortably, and to live well—should not be yet another challenge in your life. Helios is here not just to help, but to empower. That’s next-level medical supply convenience.

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