To the Southwest Florida Medical Community

To the Southwest Florida Medical Community

This month, we just wanted to take a quick moment to say how proud we are to be a part of the Tampa-area medical community. From Sarasota-Manatee to Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas, we’re constantly in awe of the frontline healthcare workers who serve this area.

We’re fortunate to live in an area with a number of world-class hospitals. And we at Helios are continuously inspired by the people who work in those hospitals and the surrounding medical infrastructure.

And now that we’re well into the second year of the Covid 19 crisis, we’re more inspired than ever.

Anyone who works in the medical community in any capacity knows that our patients come first. Our No. 1 goal is always to mitigate pain and make their lives more manageable, whether it’s helping someone heal through an injury or navigate a chronic illness.

But we’re here for other healthcare workers, too. At Helios, we’re honored when we can be even a small part of alleviating a healthcare worker’s load.

Healthcare rarely goes seamlessly. There are often unexpected complications, and the world doesn’t stop just because someone is dealing with a medical situation. Hitches happen.

So if we can make sure our patients—and the healthcare workers who serve them—have the supplies and equipment they need, when they need it, we know that’s one less thing they have to worry about.

Even the biggest medical crises contain little problems to be solved. Healthcare workers are masters of juggling all of these problems.

We just wanted to say, to the southwest Florida frontline first responders and healthcare workers: We see you. We appreciate you. We’re here to support you.

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